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مقالات وقصص أخرى

Study Abroad

Arab Students Find Homes in Turkey

Sarah Lynch | 27 Nov 2014

Students seeking to escape conflict and lackluster teaching are heading for their largely Muslim neighbor.

Academic Freedom Administration Faculty Profiles

A Conversation With an Advocate For Academic Freedom

Sarah Lynch | 18 Nov 2014

The president of Koç University in Turkey believes in hiring the best faculty members and then getting out of their way.

Illiteracy: A Stubborn Problem in Many Arab Countries

Rasha Faek, Sarah Lynch | 27 Oct 2014

In Egypt, Yemen, Morocco, and South Sudan, more than one quarter of the population is illiterate.

Social Sciences

Arab Uprisings Echo in the Social Sciences

Sarah Lynch | 20 Oct 2014

As social scientists seek to understand the “Arab spring” and its political wake, they are also taking a fresh look at their disciplines.

Administration Internationalization Profiles

A Conversation with Ayoub Kazim: Dubai as an Education Destination

Sarah Lynch | 13 Oct 2014

The managing director of the company that hosts what may be the world’s largest number of branch campuses talks about the history and future of the educational model.

Critical Thinking Liberal Arts Profiles

A Conversation With the New AUC Provost: Rebuilding the Basics

Sarah Lynch | 10 Oct 2014

Mahmoud El-Gamal talks about how he hopes to strengthen the core of liberal arts education at the American University in Cairo.

Cairo University Bans Politically Affiliated Student Groups

Sarah Lynch | 02 Sep 2014

The president of Cairo University announces that political student activities and groups have to stay off campus.


Arab Students Grow Community Roots with “Service Learning”

Sarah Lynch | 29 Aug 2014

Some educators argue students can systematically blend community work with classroom experience to broaden the knowledge they get.

Administration Faculty

Spinning Door for Professors May Hurt UAE Higher Ed, Researchers Find

Sarah Lynch | 28 Aug 2014

Use of expatriate academics on short-term contracts and other factors can work against institutional loyalty and result in a scarcity of research.

Legal Sword Hangs Over the Heads of Egyptian NGOs

Sarah Lynch | 15 Aug 2014

Independent civil-society organizations, already feeling cramped in the wake of police raids and prosecutions in recent years, face a new threat.

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