Samar Qaed

Samar Qaed

Samar is a Yemeni journalist. She holds a bachelor's degree in media from the University of Sanaa in 2010. She worked as radio presenter, reporter, and a TV correspondent. Now she works as a freelance journalist with Tagher electronic site and the Yemen Times.

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Many Yemeni Children Carry Guns Instead of Pens

Samar Qaed | 15 Jun 2015

In Yemen, military factions and tribal groups recruiting children and teenagers for the conflicts there, stunting the young people’s education and psyches.

Gender Illiteracy

A Yemeni Herdswoman is an Education Leader

Samar Qaed | 22 May 2015

In a village in southern Yemen, girls are mostly left out of schools. But one girl who managed to get some education now inspires others.

Human Rights Schools Students

A Classroom on a Mini-Bus in Yemen Helps Child Laborers

Samar Qaed | 17 Jan 2015

A roaming bus with volunteer teachers teaches children who have been forced to work by their families.

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