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Critical Thinking Human Rights Politics Protests Students

Lebanese Students Campaigned for Change in Parliamentary Vote

Samar Kadi | 15 May 2022

Lebanon’s recent parliamentary elections gave young people a chance to show their fervor for ousting a political class they see as corrupt.

Refugees Scholarships Students

HOPES Programme Helps Syrian and Lebanese Youth Access Higher Education

Samar Kadi | 21 Apr 2022

A European-Union funded programme designed to help displaced Syrians now caters almost equally to refugees and Lebanese.

Employment Finances Research Students

Innovation Centres at Lebanese Universities Try to Keep Talent at Home

Samar Kadi | 19 Mar 2022

Several Lebanese universities have set up innovation centres to help talented youth develop businesses and combat the country’s financial crisis and brain drain.

Conflict Students Study Abroad

Some Lebanese Students Escape Ukraine After a Harrowing Journey

Samar Kadi | 07 Mar 2022

Two Lebanese students who were among the first group to make it safely home from Ukraine told Al-Fanar Media about their ordeal.

Development Employment Schools Students

‘Work Ready Now’ Helps Lebanese Students Move from School to a Job

Samar Kadi | 03 Mar 2022

The course, developed by the nonprofit Education Development Center, focuses on the soft skills students need to succeed in the workplace. It is being offered at 10 Lebanese universities.

Curriculum Disability Employment Inequality Students Teaching

‘University for All’ at Saint-Joseph U. Opens Doors for Special-Needs Youth

Samar Kadi | 06 Feb 2022

The University for All programme trains young people with special needs in life and career skills. Some of its first graduates have already found employment.

Finances Policy Profiles Students

Lebanese Education Minister Raises Alarm Over Crisis in Schools

Samar Kadi | 29 Jan 2022

Abbas Halabi, Lebanon’s education minister, is calling for urgent action to save the education system. Students have already suffered serious setbacks, he says.

Development Human Rights Students

Green Initiatives Thrive at Lebanon’s Holy Spirit University of Kaslik

Samar Kadi | 20 Jan 2022

Holy Spirit University of Kaslik takes environmental awareness seriously. It has been ranked as the most sustainable and green university in Lebanon for five years in a row.

Arts & Culture Curriculum Teaching Technology & Online Learning

‘University for Seniors’: AUB Programme Helps Older Adults Stay Engaged

Samar Kadi | 14 Dec 2021

Participants over age 50 in the University for Seniors programme at the American University of Beirut are delighted to be learning and socialising.

Conflict Mental Health Students

Lebanese Students Find Mental Health Support Through Their Universities

Samar Kadi | 16 Nov 2021

A financial crisis and Covid-19 add to the stress in Lebanese students’ lives. Universities are responding with programmes to help them.

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