Saba Abu Farha

Saba Abu Farha

Saba is a Jordanian journalist. She has bachelor's degree in journalism from Petra University in Amman and a master's degree in digital media from from Jordan Media Institute.

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جميع مشاركات هذا المساهم

Employment Refugees

Some Jobless Jordanians Take Risky Path to Europe

Saba Abu Farha | 06 Feb 2018

With unemployment high in the kingdom, sources say young people increasingly are buying fake papers and turning to refugee-smuggling rings.

Gender Students

Survey Finds Frequent Sexual Harassment on Jordan’s Campuses

Saba Abu Farha | 22 Sep 2015

An informal poll of female students in Jordan suggests sexual harassment is a widespread problem.

Employment Rankings

Jordanian Higher Education Flunks a National Test

Saba Abu Farha | 20 Feb 2015

The quality of Jordanian universities is being called into question after the announcement that many of their students failed an important exam.

Conflict Terrorism

Stay in University or Join the Islamic State?

Saba Abu Farha | 12 Feb 2015

In the southern Jordanian desert, many young people are leaving classrooms to join the Islamist army.


Born in Jordan, But Treated Like Foreigners by its Universities

Saba Abu Farha | 06 Jan 2015

The children of Jordanian women and foreign men are treated as foreigners when they apply to Jordanian public universities.


In Jordan, Women Are Only a Tiny Minority On University Boards

Saba Abu Farha | 09 Dec 2014

Out of 130 new public university board members, the Jordanian government has only appointed three women.

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