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مقالات وقصص أخرى

An Algerian Student’s Search for a Decent Home

Rim Hayat Chaif / 17 Nov 2015 / Opinion

A student seeking a master’s degree got an unpleasant surprise when she showed up at her dormitory.

Algerian Students Are Victims of the Country’s Language Confusion

Rim Hayat Chaif / 24 Sep 2015 / News

Algeria has made Arabic the teaching language in its primary and secondary schools, but universities usually teach in French. Students stumble.

A Hidden Barrier to Arab Students’ Education

Ibtissem Jamel, Rim Hayat Chaif, Tarek Abd El-Galil, Tasneem Mohamed / 15 Sep 2015 / News

The difficulties many Arab students face getting to their universities makes it hard for many to complete their education.

In Algeria, the Berber Language Can’t Get an Educational Foothold

Rim Hayat Chaif / 27 Jul 2015 / News

More pupils are taking lessons in Tamazight, the language of the Berbers, but in fewer school districts, leaving the language at risk.

Algeria Moves to Halt the Tutoring Trade

Rim Hayat Chaif / 03 Feb 2015 / News

Education officials are discouraging teachers from charging students extra for after-hours classes.