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Faculty Refugees Research Teaching

A Syrian Professor Restarts His Career in Germany

Riham Alkousaa | 04 Sep 2017

Kamal Al Haj was a popular and progressive dean of media studies at Damascus University, but chose to move to Germany to expand his professional horizons.

Refugees Scholarships Students Study Abroad

A Mexican-Syrian Friendship Sparks a Refugee Program

Riham Alkousaa | 27 Jul 2017

Two men who met in Iraq have begun helping Syrians study in Mexico, showing how middle-income countries can respond to the refugee crisis.


Palestinian Roots, Syrian Home, U.S. Destination

Riham Alkousaa | 17 Sep 2016

A young writer makes a leap of faith turning down British and European scholarships, and heads for New York City.


In Germany, Syrian Refugee Navigates Re-entry Into Higher Education

Riham Alkousaa | 01 Sep 2016

Immigration status matters for funding and access to educational opportunities.


Integrating Syrians: A Discussion in Germany

Patrick Costello, Riham Alkousaa | 08 Jun 2016

At a meeting in Berlin, speakers discussed how young Syrians might find their way to education and employment in Europe.

Accreditation Refugees

Damascus University Seeks to Combat Forged Degrees

Riham Alkousaa | 02 May 2016

Damascus University is taking steps to protect its diplomas amid a recent increase in fake credentials among Syrian refugees, some of whom did not graduate from the institution.

Refugees Study Abroad

Pay a Smuggler or Seek a Scholarship?

Riham Alkousaa | 01 Sep 2015

Some students choose between traveling to Europe as refugees or seeking a place in universities there.

Refugees Study Abroad

One Syrian-Palestinian’s Quest for a Master’s Degree

Riham Alkousaa | 01 Sep 2015

A student’s attempt to get a master’s degree shows the obstacles blocking refugees from reaching their educational goals.

Refugees Scholarships

A Statistical Portrait of Syrian Students’ Frustration

Riham Alkousaa | 01 Sep 2015

The number of Syrian students seeking scholarships and the number of scholarships available are drastically imbalanced.

Arts & Culture Conflict Research

Amid the Destruction of Syrian Antiquities, Some Restoration

Riham Alkousaa | 20 Apr 2015

Archaeologists, regardless of their politics, are trying to stabilize and restore the rich remnants of Syria’s heritage damaged in the country’s conflict.

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