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مقالات وقصص أخرى

Magazine in Greece Rejects Labels about Refugees

John Dyer, Nikolia Apostolou / 21 Sep 2018 / News

Solomon, a nonprofit online publication, sees strength, not cause for fear, in diverse populations.

Cameroon’s Language Divide Disrupts Education

Christian Locka, Nikolia Apostolou / 30 May 2018 / News

Clashes between Anglophone separatists and the Francophone government have shut down schools and forced many young people to flee.

U.S. Program in Greece Helps Refugees Become Students Again

Nikolia Apostolou / 05 Feb 2018 / News

The refugees take classes at U.S.-affiliated colleges that could help them attend a European or American university in the future.

New “Education Passport” Tested in Greece

Nikolia Apostolou / 21 Jul 2017 / News

A Norwegian project to hold a refugee’s academic history in a single document and to simplify admission to higher education in host countries is catching on.