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Mona Jebril is a research fellow at the University of Cambridge, where she recently earned her Ph.D. in education. Previously, earned a master’s degree at the University of Oxford and worked as a teacher and trainer at schools and universities in the Gaza Strip. She is also a co-founder of two centers and a scholarship program in Gaza. Her Ph.D. research explored the past and present higher-education experience in Gaza, and how this experience may be evolving in the shifting socio-political context in the Arab world. Her current research at Cambridge focuses on the political economy of health in Palestine and other conflict-affected areas.

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For Gaza’s Besieged Universities, Reform Is Low on the Agenda

Mona Jebril | 30 Apr 2019

Students and lecturers at Gaza’s universities see many areas that could be improved, but amid larger political and economic worries, there’s little appetite for reform.

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