Mokhtar Alibrahim

Mokhtar Alibrahim

Mokhtar Ibrahim is a Syrian journalist from Hama. He has a diploma from the Teachers’ Preparation Institute and a master's degree in media from the University of Damascus. In 2014, he won the award for best investigative print reporting in the Arab world from Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ).

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In The Midst of War, Syria Raises Enrollment Fees

Mokhtar Alibrahim | 20 Jan 2017

Students say fee increases make life even more difficult.

Conflict Students

Displaced Syrian Private Universities Struggle to Educate Their Students

Mokhtar Alibrahim | 05 Feb 2016

The challenges faced by Syrian private universities encapsulate the difficult conditions under which educators and students are operating as war drags on.

Health & Medicine Students

Syria Toughens Entry Requirements for Those in the Health Professions

Mokhtar Alibrahim | 27 Oct 2015

The Syrian Ministry of Higher Education has started requiring those who seek to enter many of the health professions to study an extra year before their professional education.


In Damascus, a New Student Craze: Bicycles

Mokhtar Alibrahim | 15 Sep 2015

With checkpoints slowing down buses and cars, bicycles have emerged as the fastest and cheapest way for students to get to their universities.

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