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جميع مشاركات هذا المساهم

Conflict Policy Students Study Abroad

Moroccan Students Returning from Ukraine Have Problems Continuing Their Education

Mohamed Akinou | 12 May 2022

Returning students complain that Morocco has been slow to integrate them into programmes at home. They also object to having to pass placement tests.

Research Students

Blind Moroccan Student’s Journey to a Ph.D. Inspires Hopes for Others with Disabilities

Mohamed Akinou | 16 Apr 2022

Hamid Nabil earned a top doctoral degree in English from Mohammed V University of Rabat. Advocates hope his achievement stirs reforms to help all students with disabilities.

Conflict Students Study Abroad

Moroccan Students Returning from Ukraine Wonder about Their Educational Future

Mohamed Akinou | 11 Mar 2022

After they survived the war in Ukraine, Moroccan students face serious questions about the fate of their education.

Disability Inequality Research Students

Moroccan Authorities Praise Student with Autism on Earning a Doctorate

Mohamed Akinou | 12 Jan 2022

Karim Benabdeslam, a student with autism, earned a Ph.D. in comparative religion. Authorities praised him as a model for others affected with the disorder.

Arts & Culture Curriculum Students

Morocco’s Education Reforms Spur Demand for Arts Teaching

Mohamed Akinou | 25 Dec 2021

New centres of “artistic and literary awakening” are part of a wider plan to improve education at all levels. But critics say the reforms fall short of public aspirations.

Health & Medicine Students

‘Popcorn Cart’ Draws Attention to Morocco’s Student Health System

Mohamed Akinou | 15 Dec 2021

Morocco has compulsory student health insurance, but students say the system isn’t working well. A “popcorn cart” funding campaign has raised awareness of the system and its problems.

Arts & Culture Faculty Liberal Arts Teaching

Azlarabe Alaoui Builds Academic Bridges to Enrich Moroccan Film

Mohamed Akinou | 18 Nov 2021

The filmmaker Azlarabe Alaoui sees a partnership of academic study and practical experience as key to revitalizing Moroccan film culture.

Research Science Students

Morocco’s University Museum of Meteorites Preserves Space Rocks for Study

Mohamed Akinou | 08 Nov 2021

Meteorites fall abundantly in Morocco’s deserts. A museum at Ibn Zohr University helps keep them in the kingdom and available for study.

Employment Faculty Language Students Teaching

Tamazight, an Official Language of Morocco, Is Getting More Attention

Mohamed Akinou | 01 Oct 2021

Tamazight is recognized in Morocco’s constitution, but only a few universities teach it. The education minister wants to change that.

Administration Development Faculty Science Students

A Moroccan University Takes Solar-Powered Steps Toward a Smart Campus

Mohamed Akinou | 13 Sep 2021

Ibn Tofail University has adopted an ambitious renewable energy project to power its campus and provide spaces for research and teaching too.

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