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جميع مشاركات هذا المساهم

Academic Freedom Development Faculty Politics Students

In Egypt, Harsh Measures Against Academic Freedom Persist

Mohamed Abdel Salam | 23 May 2017

A prominent group of human rights lawyers reports on severe restrictions on academic freedom in the first quarter of 2017.

Academic Freedom Faculty Politics

Academic Freedom in Egypt Needs More Vocal Support

Mohamed Abdel Salam | 07 Feb 2017

A writer calls for a unified approach to support academic freedom in Egypt.

Academic Freedom Research

Foreign Researchers in Egypt Are Being Harassed

Mohamed Abdel Salam | 15 Apr 2016

An Egyptian independent organization says the banning of foreign researchers from entering the country is largely based on their anti-government stances.

Academic Freedom Faculty Human Rights

Academic Freedom is Not Just a Generic Human Right

Mohamed Abdel Salam | 18 Aug 2015

Academic freedom is different from university independence, and more than just a basic human right. The distinctions are important, argues the author.

Politics Students

Tunisia’s Student Unions Should Stay Out of Politics

Mohamed Abdel Salam | 28 Jan 2015

Tunisian student unions need to fight for on-campus freedoms of their members and avoid national politics, the author argues.

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