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جميع مشاركات هذا المساهم

How Egypt’s Currency Plunge Trapped a University

| 13 Dec 2016

The chief financial officer of the American University in Cairo explains how a financial event the institution planned for still wound up making life harder for everyone involved.

Shrinking Egyptian Economy Could Cramp Social Sciences

| 08 Dec 2016

As the Egyptian pound decreases in value against the dollar, academic disciplines that consider themselves the home of critical thinking say they are at risk.

The Price of Master’s and Doctoral Degrees Jumps in Egypt

| 08 Sep 2016

Study beyond a bachelor’s degree suddenly gets more expensive, hitting dental and medical students particularly hard.

African Educators Consider Potential of Online Learning

| 01 Jun 2016

eLearning conference presentations highlight innovative uses of online courses and digital technology in teaching and learning.

New Drive for “People-to-People Education” in Region

| 24 May 2016

Web-based learning platforms aim to boost educational opportunities in the Arab world.

Universities Are Places Where Everybody Has the Right to be Wrong

| 10 Dec 2015

The president of the American University in Cairo has led a leading institution in the Arab region through one of the most turbulent periods in its history.

Tahrir Academy’s Shutdown Casts a Shadow Over Educational NGOs

| 25 Aug 2015

A popular online learning website has been squeezed out of business by government laws, leaving other nonprofit educational organizations to wonder about their fate.

Death is This Week’s Headline in Egyptian Education

| 12 Mar 2015

The responsibility of educational institutions for students’ safety is being highlighted, after an electrocution, a beating, and a fatal accident.

Dropping the Right to Free Education?

| 11 Mar 2015

A proposal to limit which Egyptian students have to pay tuition is leaving many students apprehensive.

Student Union Elections Canceled in Egyptian Universities

| 03 Mar 2015

Government officials say student elections can’t be held due to a legal technicality. Students say that is outrageous.

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