Khaoula Sliti

Khaoula Sliti

Khaoula is a Tunisian journalist and radio presenter at Shams FM ( She has bachelor's degree in journalism and a masters degree in Media science.

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Libya’s Civil Disorder Has Closed 8 Universities

Khaoula Sliti / 05 Sep 2017 / News

The ongoing violence in Libya has forced many of its professors to leave and shut down eight universities.

Tunisian Researchers Probe the Roots of Radicalization

Khaoula Sliti / 19 Jun 2017 / News

With support from the higher education ministry, four collaborative research projects seek to understand how terrorism begins among young people, its impact, and how to stop it.

Tunisian Academics Still Under Threat After the Jasmine Revolution

Khaoula Sliti / 14 Feb 2016 / News

Religious conservatives are using accusations of atheism and other tactics to try to silence Tunisian academics.

Education-Reform Dialogue in Tunisia Holds Promise and Uncertainty

Khaoula Sliti / 13 Jan 2016 / News

Students, professors, and the government are engaged in a new type of dialogue aimed at tackling the challenges in Tunisia’s education system.

Student Suicides Surge in Tunisia

Khaoula Sliti / 05 May 2015 / News

Experts are chalking up the apparent increase in the number of student suicides in Tunisia to fear, discouragement and the inability to dream of a better future.

In Tunisia, a Strange Case of Switched Scores

Khaoula Sliti / 14 Feb 2015 / News

The tale of a student who one day thought she was going to university and then realized that world was probably shut off to her forever.