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مقالات وقصص أخرى

Moroccan Researcher Follows Impact of Climate Change

Khalid Aitnasser / 29 Jun 2017 / News

Two years after joining NASA’s Atmospheric Sciences Lab, Kholoud Kahime continues her research on climate change and its impact on Morocco’s economy and society.

Vocational Education: No Instant Cure

Khalid Aitnasser / 20 Nov 2015 / News

Morocco’s situation shows how vocational education does not necessarily yield the results that some advocates have hoped for.

Moroccan Medical Students Block Imposition of Compulsory Work

Khalid Aitnasser / 10 Nov 2015 / News

Medical students’ protests stopped the Ministry of Health’s attempt to make it mandatory for students to work in remote areas after graduation.

Finding a Place to Sleep—a Challenge for Moroccan Students

Khalid Aitnasser / 13 Jul 2015 / News

After being accepted by universities, Moroccan students then face a big obstacle: Finding housing.

Morocco Makes a Bid in Renewable-Energy Research

Khalid Aitnasser / 10 Apr 2015 / News

With a new research focus, the Maghreb country tries to take advantage of resources it has in abundance.