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Saudi University Analyses Covid-19 Impact on Higher Education

Ismail Alashwal | 01 Apr 2022

A book published by King Abdulaziz University urges universities to learn from the effects of the pandemic and seize the opportunity to make bold reforms.

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Arab Students Fleeing Ukraine Face Uncertain Futures at Home

Ismail Alashwal | 24 Mar 2022

Arab countries are making plans for how students returning from Ukraine will continue their educations at home. Here’s a roundup of developments in Egypt, Morocco, Algeria and Jordan.

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Hosni Hadhad, Egypt’s Oldest Doctoral Student, Dies at 85

Ismail Alashwal | 21 Jan 2022

Hosni Hadhad earned a master’s degree in Arabic literature at age 83 and was keen to pursue a Ph.D. too. Unfortunately, death cut short his dream.

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