Ida Sophie Winter

Ida Sophie Winter is an undergraduate journalism student at the University of Missouri. During the 2014-15 academic year, she attended Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco, as a Boren Scholar.

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A Conversation with the LAU President: Education and Lebanon’s Future

Ida Sophie Winter | 09 Oct 2015

Joseph Jabbra, the president of Lebanese American University, talks about steering his institution through difficult political and economic times.

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Tangier Library Seeks a Strong But Subtle Social Role

Ida Sophie Winter | 07 Sep 2015

A small bookstore tries to convince Moroccan youth that books are not just for the intellectual elite.


A Busy Botanist Is a Force for Rural Development in Morocco

Ida Sophie Winter | 25 Aug 2015

Abderrahim Ouarghidi tries to help strengthen villages in rural Morocco by letting them decide what they need.


Many Moroccan Students Pursue Sex But Few Get Sex Education

Ida Sophie Winter | 17 Aug 2015

Young Moroccan men pursue pre-marital sex aggressively but often condemn women who have it. Both genders need better sex education, health officials say.

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