Eman Kamel

Eman is an Egyptian journalist currently working in Qatar as head of the media department at a construction magazine. She also works on a freelance basis as a producer for Reuters television service. Eman graduated from the college of mass communication, Cairo university in 2001. Through the past 13 years, she has worked with various organizations as editor, reporter, translator, correspondent and producer.

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مقالات وقصص أخرى

Faculty Politics Students Study Abroad Terrorism

Diplomatic Crisis Over Qatar Worries Gulf Educators

Eman Kamel | 27 Jun 2017

As boycott persists, students face disruptions and officials warn of longer-term impact.

Health & Medicine Research Science Technology & Online Learning

World Cup Inspires Innovation Research in Qatar

Eman Kamel | 28 Mar 2017

Practical ideas for life in a hot climate could be useful beyond soccer.

Refugees Research

Challenges of Academic Research in the Midst of War

Eman Kamel | 05 Jan 2017

To get insights into armed conflicts, academics need to conduct research in conflict zones, but such research poses methodological, logistical and ethical challenges.

Refugees Research

Dresden, a Top German Research Center, Beats Expectations

Eman Kamel | 04 May 2016

An Arab journalist’s visit to Dresden, a German city rich with history but troubled by a xenophobic minority, takes some surprising turns.

Research Technology & Online Learning

A “City of Light” Illuminates Contemporary Research

Eman Kamel | 21 Apr 2016

The German city of Jena shows how industry and universities can collaborate to improve optical technology and energy efficiency.


Eastern Germany, Through Egyptian Eyes

Eman Kamel | 06 Apr 2016

From a trip to Germany, a Qatar-based writer got a fresh perspective on how scientists can work together to achieve their goals.

Health & Medicine

New Medical School May Remedy Qatar’s Doctor Shortage

Eman Kamel | 09 Mar 2016

Qatar University has opened a medical school, as the country grapples with a shortage of physicians.


Global Education Challenges: The Arab World is Not Alone

Eman Kamel | 13 Nov 2015

At the annual WISE conference, in Qatar, discussions about the global future of education often used rhetoric that would ring familiar to Middle Eastern educators.


General Education: Top-Down Support Needed for Bottom-Up Change

Eman Kamel | 22 Oct 2015

A new group devoted to improving the core-curricula in Arab universities held its first meeting.

Research Teaching

In a Dry Country, Gardening Becomes Education

Eman Kamel | 24 Sep 2015

Small gardens can become powerful teaching tools that help children understand the basics of sustainability.

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