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مقالات وقصص أخرى

Zajal, a Folk Poetry Form, Reaches a New Generation

Edward Fox / 18 May 2018 / News

Students compete in eloquence in the country’s first academic competition in traditional Lebanese folk poetry.

Report Details Attacks on Education Worldwide

Edward Fox / 10 May 2018 / News

Seven Arab countries show an increase in violence against schools, universities, students and staff in the past five years.

In Education, Gulf Women Don’t Focus on Jobs

Edward Fox / 07 May 2018 / News

Two studies found that women in Gulf countries are not focused on employment in their pursuit of academic degrees, but are optimistic about their futures.

Artist Collects Stories From the Hearts of Syrians

Edward Fox / 08 Apr 2018 / News

A project that publishes the true stories of ordinary Syrians in a time of displacement and civil war creates a people’s history.

Using Artificial Intelligence to Read Arabic Comics

Edward Fox / 11 Mar 2018 / News

With their complex mixture of word and image, Arabic comics are being used to extend the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

For Doctors in Training, a Course on Phoenician

Edward Fox / 22 Feb 2018 / News

A medical school in Beirut offers an elective that explores the ancient language’s connection to modern Lebanon.

New Book Outlines Power-Sharing Plans for Post-War Syria

Edward Fox / 25 Jan 2018 / News

Academics offer ideas for a political settlement in Syria, emphasising reconciliation and the role of community groups.

A Geographer’s Bold Proposal: Borders Are a Mistake

Edward Fox / 15 Jan 2018 / Opinion

Hard borders between countries, an author argues, are not the norm in history, and create more problems than they solve.

Bridging a Gap in Education Support for Refugees

Edward Fox / 04 Jan 2018 / News

A group that started small in one London neighborhood now helps young people across the United Kingdom and supplies research to international clients.

A Haven No More: The Closing of Aassoun Tower

Edward Fox / 11 Dec 2017 / News

For 40 Syrian refugee families, the unfinished building had been an oasis of stability amid crisis. They were evicted last month.