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Somaliland Uses Phones to Help Improve Schools

Doreen Ajiambo / 16 Jul 2018 / News

This self-governing region of Somalia is one of many areas in Africa that are using mobile technology to help more children get a quality education.

In Somalia, Educational Quality Starts with Teachers

Doreen Ajiambo / 01 May 2018 / News

Training programs aim to turn the tide on quality of instruction, learning standards and attendance

Puntland Makes Strides in Expanding School Access

Doreen Ajiambo / 05 Mar 2018 / News

Scarred by Somalia’s civil war, the region is giving more poor children a chance at education.

For Many Somali Girls, Education Ends With a Brutal Ritual

Doreen Ajiambo / 02 Mar 2018 / News

Female genital mutilation is widely practiced in the nation. The government and local and international organizations are working to stop it.

A School for Yemenis in Somalia Keeps Dreams Alive

Doreen Ajiambo / 19 Feb 2018 / News

The school is a stabilizing influence for some of the young refugees who have fled the fighting in Yemen.