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جميع مشاركات هذا المساهم

Topics of Education Stories, Part One

David Wheeler | 15 Aug 2014

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Admissions Quality Control

How Can Educational Success Be Measured?

D.D. Guttenplan, David Wheeler | 04 Jul 2014

In a global debate, experts question how to determine the quality of schools and universities.

Scholarships Study Abroad

Iraqi Students Seeking Scholarly Homes

David Wheeler | 14 Jun 2014

U.S. universities have not connected with Iraqi students holding scholarships. A few institutions are trying to change that.

The Global Trade in Students

David Wheeler | 04 Jun 2014

International competition for students is heating up, making Arab students—like it or not—a valuable “commodity.”

Essential Nutrition for Knowledge Economies: Research

David Wheeler | 08 Apr 2014

Those attending a conference on Gulf education described in tough terms where the region stands on research.

Administration Research

The Crucial Role of Data in Arab Higher Education

David Wheeler | 05 Mar 2014

At a gathering of those who do “institutional research” for Arab universities, the importance of their jobs became evident.


Beating Writer’s Block

David Wheeler | 25 Feb 2014

Difficulty getting started writing can often be traced to other problems. But those problems have solutions.

Administration Politics

Reflections on Egypt Through an Education Lens

David Wheeler | 13 Nov 2013

A visit to Egypt to meet with public-university presidents prompts some observations on education and democracy.

Faculty Publishing Students

A Journalist’s Advice to an Academic

David Wheeler | 10 Aug 2013

The editor of Al Fanar suggests how lessons from cutting news stories might be applied to scholarly writing.


10 Years of Polls Shed Light on Arab Views

David Wheeler | 07 Jun 2013

Opinion surveys in six Arab countries give insights into the roots of the “Arab awakening” and suggest it is unlikely to fade.

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