Benjamin Plackett

Benjamin Plackett

Since 2013, Benjamin has been travelling to the Arab world to tell stories of science and research, sometimes in recent post-conflict zones. He's met researchers, who at great personal risk, hurriedly buried their expensive lab equipment as ISIS approached Mosul and he's interviewed university administrators attempting to rebuild the region's answer to Oxbridge even as terrorist attacks continue to threaten the campus. His work has been published by Scientific American, Associated Press, CNN, and Engadget amongst others. He has an M.A. in journalism from New York University and a B.Sci. in biology from Imperial College, London.

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Syrian Scientist With “Genius Grant” Advances Wireless Technology

Benjamin Plackett | 04 Sep 2014

An M.I.T. researcher squeezes innovation out of technologies others thought were tapped out.


Why the Gulf’s Ailing Coral Reefs May Not Come Back

Benjamin Plackett | 21 Aug 2014

Amid concern over the Arab world’s coral reefs, an Abu Dhabi researcher shows why they will have difficulty regenerating.

Conflict Research

Gaza Conflict Drives Support to Academic Boycott of Israel

Benjamin Plackett | 19 Aug 2014

Since the latest fighting began, the number of academics supporting a boycott of Israeli universities has jumped.


Science in the Midst of the Gaza Conflict

Benjamin Plackett | 15 Aug 2014

An Israeli and a Palestinian scientist reflect on their joint effort to help young adults with cerebral palsy.


One Solution for a “Water-Stressed” Future?

Benjamin Plackett | 30 Jul 2014

A Moroccan engineer says desalination plants could help a country with no oil but lots of coast and sunshine.


Data Show Arab Scientists Making More Impact

Benjamin Plackett | 27 Jul 2014

The most commonly used measure of how much impact scientists have shows progress in some Arab countries.


The Twin Missions of a Moroccan Scientist

Benjamin Plackett | 23 Jul 2014

A Moroccan scientist turned an endangered tree into a source of income for cooperatives of women that sell its oil.

Conflict Profiles

A Conversation With Morocco’s “Pushiest” University President

Benjamin Plackett | 12 Jul 2014

Morocco has a need for applied-science research, said Ibn Zohr University’s president.


Small Step In Curing the Big Unemployment Problem

Benjamin Plackett | 29 Jun 2014

One British university that is successful at getting its graduates jobs is touring the Arab world talking about its method.

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