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Think Tank Pioneers Evidence-Based Policy in Sudan

Alaa Shibeika / 29 Jun 2018 / News

The new organization seeks to invigorate more thoughtful public policy in the Republic of Sudan and to train a new generation of development specialists.

In Sudan, a Tradition of Campus Debate Is Threatened

Alaa Shibeika / 20 Apr 2018 / News

Universities in Sudan have a heritage of political discussion that is increasingly in conflict with the government’s desire to suppress protest.

Sudan Begins To Tackle A Neglected Disease

Alaa Shibeika / 18 Sep 2017 / News

Sudanese academics are searching for a more effective treatment of a rare but destructive disease, mycetoma, that mostly affects poor laborers.

Sudanese Diaspora Seeks to Support Education

Alaa Shibeika / 26 Sep 2016 / News

Although many of Sudan’s best and brightest have fled the country, they band together to support education and research.

In Sudan, U.S. Sanctions Cripple Higher Education

Alaa Shibeika / 18 Jul 2016 / Opinion

Local scientific organizations and scholars use workarounds to continue their research under difficult conditions.

A Sudanese Student Watches a University Grow Dark

Alaa Shibeika / 04 Aug 2014 / Opinion

The University of Khartoum, the oldest and largest university in Sudan, closed in May after months of conflict.