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Awaiting Asylum in France, Iraqi Student’s Doctoral Plans Are On Hold

Aida Alami | 22 Jul 2016

Language barriers, financial struggles and long waits for asylum applications translate into frustrating limbo.

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Muslim Students in Europe Brace for Post-Attack Backlash

Aida Alami, Mihret Yohannes | 24 Nov 2015

After the Paris attacks, Muslim students fear that terrorism will be confused with their religion.

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Employment in the Gulf: Not Always What it Seems

Aida Alami, Jabeen Bhatti, Janelle Dumalaon | 13 Jan 2014

Arab and Western academics alike flock to the Gulf, but don’t always get as much money as they expect.

A Battle Flares up in Morocco’s Language Wars

Aida Alami | 11 Dec 2013

A prominent Moroccan has suggested that the schools start teaching in the local dialect of Arabic, sparking a fierce debate.

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Morocco’s Mismatch Between Graduates And Jobs

Aida Alami | 04 Sep 2013

Morocco’s higher-education system is bogged down in inefficiency that produces graduates who can’t find employment, analysts say.

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Morocco’s King Criticizes the Country’s Education

Aida Alami | 28 Aug 2013

As students prepare for the academic year, Morocco’s king lashed out at the job the country’s schools and universities are doing.

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Sub-Saharan Students in Morocco: Both Welcomed and Shunned

Aida Alami | 25 Jul 2013

The Moroccan government has created scholarships for students from central Africa but when the students arrive they are often shocked by the discrimination they run into on the street.

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