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جميع مشاركات هذا المساهم

Administration Quality Control

Exams in Tents: A Symbol of Deterioration?

Ahmed ElShamy | 01 Jul 2016

Cairo University students say university services and facilities are declining. The administration says it is being fiscally responsible.


A Battle Over Veils at Cairo University

Ahmed ElShamy | 22 Feb 2016

An ever-widening ban on female professors wearing veils at Cairo University reflects a broader academic controversy.

Academic Freedom Faculty

Group Challenges Forced “Donations” by Cairo U. Professors

Ahmed ElShamy | 26 Jan 2016

An independent group is fighting in court a Cairo University practice of asking professors for donations before they can travel. The group says the donations are forced. The university says they are optional.

Employment Students

Egypt Reconsiders “Open Learning”

Ahmed ElShamy | 12 Jan 2016

Students who seek to study on flexible schedules are concerned that their degrees, already discriminated against, may be officially demoted.

Politics Students

Student Elections Reflect Egypt’s Muffled Political Life

Ahmed ElShamy | 29 Nov 2015

Student elections have been a quiet affair this fall as students have begun to shy away from politics.

Quality Control

Global Competitiveness Report Puts Egypt in the Dust

Ahmed ElShamy | 27 Oct 2015

The annual World Economic Forum places Egypt next to last in education among the countries it ranks. Critics say the report isn’t fair.

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