Al-Fanar Media is Looking for a Social Media Genius!

Nasser Zawk | 30 Jul 2021

Al-Fanar Media, a non-profit online publication that covers education, research, and culture in the Arab world, is seeking a communications assistant intern.

Refugees Scholarships Students Study Abroad

Success Stories: How Scholarships Helped 3 Students Launch Careers

Sarah Page | 24 Jun 2021

As SPARK celebrates awarding its 10,000th scholarship, three former students share how the assistance they received helped them thrive.

Soapbox Students

“Mishwar Taleb”: A Contest for Arab University Students

Al-Fanar Media Reporting Team | 22 Jun 2021

To celebrate the re-launch, Al-Fanar Media announces “Mishwar Taleb” (a student’s journey), a storytelling contest for Arab students around the world.

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NAFSA 2021 Conference & Expo: A Meeting of International Educators

Al-Fanar Correspondent | 10 May 2021

The annual event, being held online again this year, will bring together thousands of professionals from across all aspects of international education.

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