Reflections on Egypt Through an Education Lens

David Wheeler / 13 Nov 2013 / Opinion

A visit to Egypt to meet with public-university presidents prompts some observations on education and democracy.

With Tongue in Cheek: How to Game the Rankings

D.D. Guttenplan / 17 Oct 2013 / Opinion

Want to rise in the rankings? Don’t call those expensive consultants. Just read this article.

Arab Universities Must Admit the Cost of Corruption

Elizabeth Buckner / 09 Oct 2013 / Opinion

A recent report by Transparency International, “Global Corruption Report: Education,” largely skips Arab universities. But corruption in the region’s institutions is affecting admissions, grading, and administration, writes a scholar of comparative education.

Conversation with Karma El Hassan: Driving Quality Control With Data

Rasha Faek / 02 Oct 2013 / Opinion

One of the foremost figures in the Arab world to use performance measurement to improve higher education talks about institutional research.

Egypt & The Liberal Arts: A Conversation With Khaled Fahmy

Daria Solovieva / 24 Sep 2013 / Opinion

Khaled Fahmy, a historian who has paid close attention to recent Egyptian politics, turns his focus in an interview to the obstacles to critical thinking in Egyptian higher education.

Unveiling Prejudice: An Encounter in the Classroom

Maha Bali / 22 Sep 2013 / Opinion

A teacher reflects on how her expectations of having a woman wearing a face veil in her classroom compared to the reality.

Business Schools in Emerging Markets Can be World Leaders

Wilfried R. Vanhonacker / 20 Sep 2013 / Opinion

Building on experience in China and Russia, a business school professor talks about how working in the developing world can be an advantage that can take institutions to the top.

Easing the Syrian Conflict’s Toll on Higher Education

Rami Zaatari / 18 Sep 2013 / Opinion

War in Syria has pushed professors to emigrate, students to drop out, and destroyed university buildings. But many Syrian universities press on, and there are ways to help them, the author says.

Conversation With an Advocate of “Education for Citizenship”

Joyce Rafla / 10 Sep 2013 / Opinion

Al Fanar interviewed Muhammad Faour, a scholar who has surveyed how 11 Arab countries teach citizenship. He found that what is taught in the classroom is often divorced from political realities.

Moroccan Universities Must Begin to Charge Tuition

Elizabeth Buckner / 10 Sep 2013 / Opinion

An analyst argues that the time has come for Moroccan public universities to start asking students for fees.