Will the Latest Generation of Online Courses Help the Arab World?

Maha Bali / 19 Jul 2013 / Opinion

Massive open online courses could wind up only serving those who are already privileged, says one academic who studies pedagogy.

After Two Revolts, Egypt’s Energetic Youth Deserve a Better Education

Farouk El Baz / 17 Jul 2013 / Opinion

Egypt’s young people have toppled two inept governments. With a proper education, they could help revive the country, says Farouk El-Baz.

The Seven Pillars Of The New Knowledge Revolution

Ismail Serageldin / 10 Jul 2013 / Opinion

The Library of Alexandria’s director says rapid changes in the structure of knowledge should also drive how educational institutions operate.

A Conversation With the World Bank’s Higher Ed Leader

/ 04 Jul 2013 / Opinion

The leader of the Word Bank’s higher-education efforts talks about the institution’s efforts in the MENA region and responds to longstanding suspicions.

Arab Private Universities Could Drive Broader Improvements

Elizabeth Buckner / 27 Jun 2013 / Opinion

Private universities could magnify inequalities and erode the quality of Arab public higher education. But they could also drive innovation, writes a scholar of comparative education.

Don’t Tell Immigration You are Studying Islam

/ 27 Jun 2013 / Opinion

A scholar studying Muslim-Christian relations had an unsettling experience as he returned home from his studies.

Syria’s Lost Generation

/ 25 Jun 2013 / Opinion

University students interviewed in the largest Syrian refugee camp in Jordan reveal the nonviolent roots of the uprising.

A Conversation With the Author of “Sex and the Citadel”

Daria Solovieva / 03 Jun 2013 / Opinion

Shereen El Feki, an independent scholar, started out as an immunologist but has gone on to apply that science’s systematic approach to study sexuality in the Middle East.

An American Dean Develops an Emirati Cultural Lens

Denise Gifford / 30 May 2013 / Opinion

A veteran of student affairs moved to the United Arab Emirates and found that the profession was practiced entirely differently there.

Egyptian Education Takes a Step Backwards

Iman Raslan / 26 May 2013 / Opinion

A recent policy decision in Egypt is heading the country back to more specialized higher education, instead of towards the broader curriculum needed for universities to power the economy and enlighten citizens.