Leveraging U.S. College Scholarships for Syrian Students

Kim Bode / 30 Jul 2017 / Opinion

The Syrian Youth Empowerment initiative guides high-school students in Syria through the U.S. college application process. Its cofounder George Batah explains the importance of Syrians winning scholarships to study in the U.S.

Can MOOCs Be Women’s Entryway into STEM?

Maha Bali, Patrice Torcivia Prusko / 07 Mar 2017 / Opinion

MOOCS could be a second (or first) chance for many women to enter STEM careers. But can the courses be designed to encourage that?

A Roadmap for Rebuilding Higher Education in Iraq

Lori Mason / 14 Feb 2017 / Opinion

Universities have an important role to play in the healing and rebuilding of Iraq after Da’esh.

Building on Experience With Digital Education for Refugees

Barbara Moser-Mercer / 06 Sep 2016 / Opinion

A veteran practitioner describes what she considers to be some of the conditions for success in online refugee education. 

A Conversation With Ahmed Galal El-Sayed, on the Future of Open Learning in Egypt

Islam Alzeny / 18 Jun 2016 / Opinion

The director of Ain Shams University’s Open Learning Center talks about ways to develop and ensure the quality of continuing education.

In the Developing World, Connectivity is Essential for Digital Learning

Maha Bali / 14 Jun 2016 / Opinion

Connectivity, not content, is the crucial feature that gives digital learning its power, the author argues.

A “City of Light” Illuminates Contemporary Research

Eman Kamel / 21 Apr 2016 / Opinion

The German city of Jena shows how industry and universities can collaborate to improve optical technology and energy efficiency.

Media Literacy Offers the Arab World a Way Forward

Jad Melki / 13 Jul 2015 / Opinion

Jad Melki, a professor at the American University of Beirut and the winner of a 2015 Global Media and Information Literacy Award from Unesco, explains the importance of his work.

How Educators Could Help Journalists—and Themselves

David Wheeler / 18 May 2015 / Opinion

The editor of Al-Fanar Media suggests ways that universities and education ministries could do a better job of sharing information.

A Conversation With the Leader of the UAE’s Largest University

Sarah Lynch / 04 Mar 2015 / Opinion

The chancellor of the Higher Colleges of Technology talks about the institution’s organization and teaching style.