Education in Morocco: A Plea for a Middle Way

Ursula Lindsey / 06 Apr 2018 / Opinion

Reforming the education system in Morocco requires navigating between two extremes: expensive private schools and a free public system that fails its students.

How to Ask for a Recommendation

Leonard Cassuto / 05 Apr 2018 / Opinion

Getting a recommendation letter would be difficult if students do not guide their professors, the writer says.

In Hiring, University of Jordan Turns Away Its Own Graduates

Maram Alkayad / 13 Mar 2018 / Opinion

Why does a public university prefer to hire teaching staff from western universities?

Being Barred From Studying Photojournalism Because of My Gender Didn’t Stop Me

Eman Mohammed / 28 Aug 2017 / Opinion

A Palestinian student was barred from studying photojournalism due to her gender. Still, she did not stop to pursue her dream.

Scholarships Prepare New Leaders in Tunisia

Michelle Weisse Trueheart / 21 May 2017 / Opinion

Thomas Jefferson Scholarships to U.S. colleges increase the employment rate and volunteerism rate among participating Tunisian students.

In Algiers, Reflecting on Universities and Unemployment

Ursula Lindsey / 04 Jun 2016 / Opinion

Familiar themes and new insights rose in the discussion at a higher-education conference in Algeria.

Higher Education Could Support Kurdistan’s Economic Recovery

Lori Mason / 19 May 2016 / Opinion

A region once considered Iraq’s success story has fallen down into troubled times. Higher education could help it climb back up.

An Ambitious Agenda for the American University of Beirut

Fadlo R. Khuri / 04 Apr 2016 / Opinion

As the Lebanese university enters its 150th year, its new president has outlined big plans for what it needs to accomplish.

Lack of Training Opportunities Hampers Educational and Economic Outcomes

Saleh Al-Shair / 31 Jan 2016 / Opinion

Few universities in the region are meeting students’ needs for practical training, but if industry, educators and government work together they can create solutions, the author writes.

A Conversation with IBM’s Naguib Attia: Revolutionizing Education

Sarah Lynch / 29 Jan 2015 / Opinion

The chief technology officer at IBM Middle East and Africa talks about what the company looks for in graduates.