In Hiring, University of Jordan Turns Away Its Own Graduates

Maram Alkayad / 13 Mar 2018 / Opinion

Why does a public university prefer to hire teaching staff from western universities?

A Rare Look Inside Iraq’s Education Ministry

Muthana Al-Saleh / 11 Jan 2018 / Opinion

A young teacher from Mosul asked for, and received, unusual access to observe the agency’s operations and share concerns with its leaders.

University of Mosul President Looks to a Post-Da’esh Future

Edward Fox / 19 Jan 2017 / Opinion

Obay al-Dewachi has kept Mosul’s university running in exile and represents the resilience of the city’s people.

How Egypt’s Currency Plunge Trapped a University

Mai Shams El-Din / 13 Dec 2016 / Opinion

The chief financial officer of the American University in Cairo explains how a financial event the institution planned for still wound up making life harder for everyone involved.

Where are the Arabs? A Visit to a Global Conference

Rasha Faek / 20 Jun 2016 / Opinion

At one of the world’s largest international educational events, the agenda was rich and the audience diverse but visitors from Arab countries were hard to find.

What will 2015 Mean for Arab Universities?

Wagdy Sawahel / 22 Jan 2015 / Opinion

Scholars and administrators interested in Arab higher education review the past year and look ahead in 2015.

A Disappointing Education Event

Amal Abou-Setta / 20 Nov 2014 / Opinion

An educational researcher says she was promised solutions, but left without hearing any.

A Conversation with Ayoub Kazim: Dubai as an Education Destination

Sarah Lynch / 13 Oct 2014 / Opinion

The managing director of the company that hosts what may be the world’s largest number of branch campuses talks about the history and future of the educational model.

The Crucial Role of Data in Arab Higher Education

David Wheeler / 05 Mar 2014 / Opinion

At a gathering of those who do “institutional research” for Arab universities, the importance of their jobs became evident.

Reflections on Egypt Through an Education Lens

David Wheeler / 13 Nov 2013 / Opinion

A visit to Egypt to meet with public-university presidents prompts some observations on education and democracy.