In Morocco, a Big Push for Vocational Education

Ursula Lindsey / 23 May 2017 / News

Recent Moroccan vocational education efforts include an emphasis on close partnerships with industry and emphasis on soft skills, such as communication.

Egypt Debates Introducing Electronic Textbooks

Amira Sayed Ahmed / 05 May 2017 / News

The plan would cut government printing costs, but families would need expensive electronic reading devices and possibly Internet access.

World Cup Inspires Innovation Research in Qatar

Eman Kamel / 28 Mar 2017 / News

Practical ideas for life in a hot climate could be useful beyond soccer.

Arab Universities and MOOCs: Cautious Cooperation

Sabah Hamamou / 07 Mar 2017 / News

While Arab youth are eager to use the Arab massive open online courses’ platforms, Arab academic institutions seem reluctant to cooperate with such organizations

A Workshop Explores How Digital Education Can Help Refugees

Jamie Martines / 04 Oct 2016 / News

Scholarships at brick-and-mortar institutions are only part of the solution. At a workshop, participants discussed applying online education to help refugees.

African Educators Consider Potential of Online Learning

Mai Shams El-Din / 01 Jun 2016 / News

eLearning conference presentations highlight innovative uses of online courses and digital technology in teaching and learning.

MIT Meeting Asks: Can Digital Learning Include the Developing World?

Vijee Venkatraman / 29 May 2016 / News

Experts at a meeting of the Learning International Networks Consortium discussed ways of expanding digital learning’s reach in the developing world.

Arab Researchers Dive into “Big Data”

Benjamin Plackett / 03 May 2016 / News

Data science research is booming in the region, bringing both business solutions and a much-needed source of employment.

One Global University Model: A Network of Equals

Benjamin Plackett / 17 Apr 2016 / News

New York Institute of Technology was the first licensed American university in Abu Dhabi, and it’s been a pioneer in many other ways.

Scholarship Programs Gear Up to Help Syrian Youth

Ursula Lindsey / 07 Mar 2016 / News

After many years of delay, new scholarship programs are beginning to help Syrian students, participants in an Istanbul workshop learned.