The Frustrating Lives of Syria’s Future Leaders

David Wheeler, Rasha Faek / 15 Nov 2018 / News

A survey of Syrian students seeking advanced degrees found that many have broad personal and civic ambitions. But they face many obstacles.

Syrian Youth: Still Seeking Education

Tarek Abd El-Galil / 05 Nov 2018 / News

The “lost generation” may have become a cliché, but the reality is that when it comes to education many Syrian youth are still lost.

Donor Interest Fades in Scholarships for Refugees

Austin Davis / 05 Nov 2018 / News

In many countries surrounding Syria, the needs of Syrian youth for financial help accessing higher education far outweigh the supply of funds available.

Syrian Refugees Are Often Steered Into Illegal Jobs

Rasha Faek / 09 Oct 2018 / News

The professional opportunities for refugees are scarce, despite longstanding international pledges of support, in Jordan and Lebanon. In Turkey, the employment situation is somewhat brighter.

New Programs Encourage Refugee Entrepreneurs

Rasha Faek / 09 Oct 2018 / News

For many refugees in the Arab region, entrepreneurship is a chance to build an independent life. But doing so is not easy in many host countries.

Magazine in Greece Rejects Labels about Refugees

John Dyer, Nikolia Apostolou / 21 Sep 2018 / News

Solomon, a nonprofit online publication, sees strength, not cause for fear, in diverse populations.

A Lebanese Scholar Wants to Improve Refugees’ Lives

Malak Makki / 10 Sep 2018 / News

Lamis Jomaa studies the food security and nutritional health of refugees, and is passionate about the idea that research can change the status quo.

Refugee Scientists: The Unknown Number

Sean Treacy / 07 Sep 2018 / News

As crises escalate, so does the number of displaced scientists. But a precise overall count is elusive.

Refugee Education Efforts Not Keeping Up With Need

Edward Fox / 31 Aug 2018 / News

A new United Nations report documents the failure of educators to reach refugee children.

Refugees Are Focus of New Academic Programs in Jordan

Ammar Faris / 27 Aug 2018 / News

In a kingdom straining to serve large numbers of displaced people, some universities are offering advanced degrees on the issue.