Yemen’s War Reaches Into Public-University Classrooms

Edward Fox / 05 Jun 2018 / News

In territory held by the Iranian-supported rebels, the conflict has resulted in professors and classes that reflect the Houthi views.

Community Radio Gives Voice to Migrants Far From Home

Elena Berton / 05 Jun 2018 / News

Programs offer practical information, like how to navigate bureaucracy, but also give refugees a place to share experiences and connect with others.

Cameroon’s Language Divide Disrupts Education

Christian Locka, Nikolia Apostolou / 30 May 2018 / News

Clashes between Anglophone separatists and the Francophone government have shut down schools and forced many young people to flee.

Help for Syrian Students in Countries Close to Home

Rasha Faek / 01 May 2018 / News

A project of the Mediterranean Universities Union is setting up support units at institutions in Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq.

Group Seeks ‘Quantum Leap’ in Aid for Refugee Students

Rasha Faek / 30 Apr 2018 / News

An organization based in Portugal that has been helping Syrian students continue their university studies now wants to accelerate those efforts.

Impoverished Syrian Teachers in Turkey

Hossam Al-Jabalawi / 18 Apr 2018 / News

Thousands of Syrian teachers have arrived in Turkey to escape the war. Still, many of them found it difficult to find a job due several obstacles.

Refugees Get a Taste of Swiss University Life

Veronica DeVore / 17 Apr 2018 / News

Several Swiss universities have introduced ways for refugees to try attending their institutions to grow their perspectives and opportunities.

Returning Students Want to Help Rebuild Gambia

Alpha Kamara, Kadijjatou Jawo / 12 Apr 2018 / News

Many who fled under the country’s former president now are resuming studies or seeking jobs in their homeland.

Artist Collects Stories From the Hearts of Syrians

Edward Fox / 08 Apr 2018 / News

A project that publishes the true stories of ordinary Syrians in a time of displacement and civil war creates a people’s history.

Refugee Students’ Success in Kenya Inspires Others

Tonny Onyulo / 03 Apr 2018 / News

Despite the challenges of being displaced and studying in ill-equipped schools, refugee youth perform well in Kenya’s national exams.