Bridging a Gap in Education Support for Refugees

Edward Fox / 04 Jan 2018 / News

A group that started small in one London neighborhood now helps young people across the United Kingdom and supplies research to international clients.

A Haven No More: The Closing of Aassoun Tower

Edward Fox / 11 Dec 2017 / News

For 40 Syrian refugee families, the unfinished building had been an oasis of stability amid crisis. They were evicted last month.

In a Refugee Camp, Classrooms Open Up to Somali Girls

Tonny Onyulo / 05 Dec 2017 / News

Displaced from their homeland, the girls are taking advantage of an opportunity to break with tradition and go to school.

Pakistan-Educated Afghans: Refugees in Their Own Home

Valerie Plesch / 04 Dec 2017 / News

Raised by exile families in Pakistan, many young Afghans face hardships as they try to build lives in Afghanistan.

Somalis Leaving Kenya Face Educational Roadblocks

Tonny Onyulo / 03 Dec 2017 / News

Young Somalis who have had to leave a refugee camp in Kenya to return home under controversial circumstances are not able to continue their education.

The Dutch Learn to Welcome Refugee Students

Gordon Darroch / 22 Nov 2017 / News

A program in the Netherlands builds bonds between native students and newcomers, and hopes to lower the refugees’ dropout rate.

Germany Sees Mixed Results in Refugee Education

Austin Davis / 19 Nov 2017 / News

The nation has been the leading destination for refugees in Europe, but lacks a central plan for educating them.

Oxfam Urges Help for Youths Returning to Mosul

Gilgamesh Nabeel, Sarah Wachter / 30 Oct 2017 / News

A new report looks at what services are needed by the Iraqi youth who have survived the conflict in Mosul or who fled and came back.

Drought in Somalia Drives Children from School

Tonny Onyulo / 29 Oct 2017 / News

Where food and water are scarce, children and families forego education to survive.

Training Center Gives Former Child Soldiers a New Start

Christian Locka / 27 Oct 2017 / News

An organization in the Central African Republic helps reintegrate young people released from fighting groups by teaching them a trade.