Some Jobless Jordanians Take Risky Path to Europe

Saba Abu Farha / 06 Feb 2018 / News

With unemployment high in the kingdom, sources say young people increasingly are buying fake papers and turning to refugee-smuggling rings.

Jordan Data Suggests Universities Contribute to Unemployment

Ammar Faris / 22 Jan 2018 / News

Thousands of students in Jordan graduate from disciplines not needed by the economy.

Italian-Style Vocational Education Thrives in Cairo

Tarek Abd El-Galil / 19 Jan 2018 / News

Don Bosco’s Italian Institute for Vocational Education, in Egypt, breaks the stereotype of that form of education as being inferior.

Women Make Gains as Judges in Tunisia

Ibtissem Jamel / 18 Jan 2018 / News

More women are studying law, and many choose a career in the judiciary. But social expectations may slow their advancement.

Bridging a Gap in Education Support for Refugees

Edward Fox / 04 Jan 2018 / News

A group that started small in one London neighborhood now helps young people across the United Kingdom and supplies research to international clients.

Tunisian Women Break Employment Stereotypes

Ibtissem Jamel / 19 Dec 2017 / News

In search of better jobs, Tunisian women have started to study vocational subjects traditionally taken only by men.

Pakistan-Educated Afghans: Refugees in Their Own Home

Valerie Plesch / 04 Dec 2017 / News

Raised by exile families in Pakistan, many young Afghans face hardships as they try to build lives in Afghanistan.

Egyptian Vocational Education Largely Fails the Country’s Youth

Tarek Abd El-Galil / 08 Sep 2017 / News

Vocational education’s goal of giving young people practical skills that would make them desirable to employers isn’t working out in Egypt.

Zig-Zagging Government Policies Hurt Jordanian Vocational Education

Mohammad Fraij / 18 Jul 2017 / News

Constantly changing government decisions have discouraged students from pursuing vocational and technical professions.

Vocational Education: A Neglected Solution in Gaza

Mohammed Othman / 20 Jun 2017 / News

Despite the opportunities that vocational education can provide to support Gaza’s deteriorating economy, many challenges still hinder it.