Yemen’s War Reaches Into Public-University Classrooms

Edward Fox / 05 Jun 2018 / News

In territory held by the Iranian-supported rebels, the conflict has resulted in professors and classes that reflect the Houthi views.

Taking a Hard Look at Teacher Training

Habib Battah / 16 Jan 2018 / News

Experts from universities and centers across the region met in Beirut to discuss how to craft professional-development programs that work.

Somalis Leaving Kenya Face Educational Roadblocks

Tonny Onyulo / 03 Dec 2017 / News

Young Somalis who have had to leave a refugee camp in Kenya to return home under controversial circumstances are not able to continue their education.

New Cairo University Leader Advocates for Progressive Islam

Jacob Wirtschafter, Mina Nader / 24 Oct 2017 / News

As a philosopher, Mohamed Osman El-Khosht was devoted to Islam’s dialogue with science and other religions. Now he brings an emphasis on critical thinking to Egypt’s largest university.

Egyptian Vocational Education Largely Fails the Country’s Youth

Tarek Abd El-Galil / 08 Sep 2017 / News

Vocational education’s goal of giving young people practical skills that would make them desirable to employers isn’t working out in Egypt.

Egypt Debates Introducing Electronic Textbooks

Amira Sayed Ahmed / 05 May 2017 / News

The plan would cut government printing costs, but families would need expensive electronic reading devices and possibly Internet access.

Egyptian Online Platform Shakes Up Private Tutoring

Menna Farouk / 15 Feb 2017 / News

Tutorama aims to make high quality tutoring easily accessible in Egypt.

General Education: Top-Down Support Needed for Bottom-Up Change

Eman Kamel / 22 Oct 2015 / News

A new group devoted to improving the core-curricula in Arab universities held its first meeting.

A Syrian Organization in Exile Promotes the Country’s Curriculum

Motiaa Hallak / 05 Aug 2015 / News

A Syrian organization supports Syrian students’ education in Lebanon but in a controversial way—using the Syrian curriculum.

In Norway, Where College is Free, Children of Uneducated Parents Still Don’t Go

Jon Marcus / 21 Jun 2015 / News

Even though Norwegian universities are free, children of uneducated parents still don’t go.