Egypt Debates Introducing Electronic Textbooks

Amira Sayed Ahmed / 05 May 2017 / News

The plan would cut government printing costs, but families would need expensive electronic reading devices and possibly Internet access.

Egyptian Online Platform Shakes Up Private Tutoring

Menna Farouk / 15 Feb 2017 / News

Tutorama aims to make high quality tutoring easily accessible in Egypt.

General Education: Top-Down Support Needed for Bottom-Up Change

Eman Kamel / 22 Oct 2015 / News

A new group devoted to improving the core-curricula in Arab universities held its first meeting.

A Syrian Organization in Exile Promotes the Country’s Curriculum

Motiaa Hallak / 05 Aug 2015 / News

A Syrian organization supports Syrian students’ education in Lebanon but in a controversial way—using the Syrian curriculum.

In Norway, Where College is Free, Children of Uneducated Parents Still Don’t Go

Jon Marcus / 21 Jun 2015 / News

Even though Norwegian universities are free, children of uneducated parents still don’t go.

Law Students Get Practice in an International Competition

Eman Kamel / 19 Apr 2015 / News

Teams from eight Arab universities met in Doha to compete in a regional contest.

In Rural Lebanon, Few Higher Education Choices for Girls

Souhaib Ayoub / 16 Apr 2015 / News

The concentration of Lebanese universities in cities means many young women cannot attend, and forces them to join village Islamic institutes.

Arab Classrooms Frequently Ignore History

Benjamin Plackett / 10 Mar 2015 / News

Lebanon’s classrooms often skip a half century of history, a case study of what happens elsewhere in the region.

Iraqi Private Schools Grow While Public Schools Crumble

Gilgamesh Nabeel / 12 Aug 2014 / News

Hundreds of private schools are opening up each year in Iraq, while public schools are deteriorating.

Qatari Education Report Praises Independent Schools

/ 01 May 2014 / News

A recent survey finds state-owned but independent Qatari schools, somewhat similar to “charter schools” elsewhere, to be cheaper and better than their peers.