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Tips for Effective Studying in a New Al-Fanar Media Podcast Episode 

A new episode of Al-Fanar Media Podcast offers school and university students advice on effective studying to help them reach their academic goals.

You can listen to this episode (in Arabic) on Spotify, SoundCloud, or YouTube under the title: “Tips for Effective Study: How Do You Increase Your Productivity and Achieve Your Academic Goals?”

The episode is presented by Mohammad El Hawary, Al-Fanar Media’s editor-in-chief. He walks us through valuable insights shared by our colleague Ahmed Wafik in his article “Get the Most Out of Studying at Home: Tips for University Students“, published on our website.

Some of the tips highlighted in the new podcast episode include having a dedicated study area, minimising distractions like social media, and establishing a consistent daily schedule for all your activities, including regular hours for waking up, having meals, and study sessions. This will help stimulate the mind and signal that it is time to focus on studying.

The episode also reminds students of the importance of setting aside time for rest to recharge the body and renew mental energy. It recommends engaging in activities like taking short walks, practising meditation, and fulfilling social responsibilities. In terms of study techniques, the episode advises taking notes, following short-term study plans, and avoiding multitasking to ensure efficient learning.

The episode also emphasises the significance of a healthy diet, mentioning the benefits of consuming foods like nuts and dark chocolate, along with the positive effects of moderate amounts of coffee on brain function.

Regarding studying at home, the episode highlights several advantages such as the flexibility to set one’s study pace, choosing the most suitable study times, enjoying a calm environment, and saving time and money.

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The podcasts, prepared and produced by the Al-Fanar Media team and its network of correspondents across the Arab world, centres on higher education, scientific research, and notable scholarship opportunities. It aims to monitor labour market needs, provide advice to help students succeed academically and prepare for future jobs, and address pressing issues impacting the higher education sector in the Arab world.

Al-Fanar Media Podcast is our organisation’s third podcast series, following the launch of the Anglo-Arab Voices Podcast, produced in cooperation with, and Student Sowt, created and produced by students from various Arab countries with support from Al-Fanar Media.



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