Bulletin: Palestine Seeks Solutions for Gaza Students in Egypt; Yemen Announces 12 Graduate Scholarships at AUC

Sustainability and Us

Recently, Al-Fanar Media hosted a panel discussion titled “Sustainability: A Roadmap for Arab Universities”, which was live-streamed via Zoom and Facebook. You can watch the episode at this link.

The webinar, which is part of Al-Fanar Media’s Panel Discussions series, featured Professor Naouel Abdellatif Mami, vice president for foreign relations at Algeria’s Mohamed Lamine Debaghine Setif 2 University, and Professor Tadhg O’Donovan, vice chancellor of Heriot-Watt University Dubai. I had the honour of moderating this discussion.

Sustainability is not merely a “trend” or a luxury; it is, in essence, the future of our planet. It encompasses environmental, economic, and developmental aspects. It is a collective responsibility, and its impact affects us all.

Mohammad El-Hawary
Al-Fanar Media editor-in-chief

News from the Region

Palestine Seeks Solutions for Gaza Students in Egypt

On Sunday, Palestinian Minister of Higher Education Amjad Barham conferred with Mahmoud Al-Habbash, the Palestinian president’s advisor for religious affairs, regarding the situation of Gaza students currently in Egypt as a consequence of the ongoing Israeli aggression in the Gaza Strip.

According to a ministry statement, the two officials discussed ways of resolving the crisis facing Gaza students in educational programmes requiring practical and clinical training, and finding training opportunities for them. The statement emphasised the need for coordinated efforts to monitor the conditions of Gaza students and devise solutions to their challenges, enabling them to continue their education, which has been disrupted by the Israel-Hamas war since 7 October.

Palestinian Scholar Explores Hunger Strikes as a Form of Resistance

Basil Farraj, a cultural studies professor at Palestine’s Birzeit University, has published research that examines hunger strikes as a form of resistance. The study, titled “Rejecting Defeat and Approaching Liberation: Palestinian Prisoners’ Hunger Strikes,” was published in the current issue (vol. 39, no. 2) of the journal Wasafiri.

In a statement, the university said the research delves into the historical context of hunger strikes within the framework of prisoners’ resistance against the Israeli prison system and its brutality. It also explores the extensive legacy of hunger strikes among Palestinian prisoners, both as collective actions and individual endeavours, while examining various theoretical perspectives on hunger strikes to elucidate their political significance.

Egyptian Grants for Innovation in Applied Sciences and Technology Are Open

Egypt’s Science, Technology, and Innovation Funding Authority (STDF) has announced the commencement of the third call for applications for the “Innovation in Applied Science, Technology, and Manufacturing” grant. This grant represents one of the competitive funding opportunities offered by the government to Egyptian scientists and researchers.

According to a statement from Egypt’s Ministry of Higher Education, the grant is designed to optimise the utilisation of scientific research outcomes, leveraging them for societal development in alignment with Egypt’s Vision 2030. This initiative offers opportunities to apply cutting-edge science and emerging technologies in various fields such as modern materials science, food security, agricultural methods and production, energy utilisation and management, computer science, information and communication technology, water treatment and resource management, environmental sustainability and ecosystems, as well as medicine, pharmacy, and biomedical engineering.

The deadline for submitting research proposals is June 30. For further details, click here.

Iraq, U.K. Launch Academic Bridge Program

Naeem Al-Aboudi, Iraq’s minister of higher education, has opened the Academic Bridge program between Iraq and the United Kingdom. He formally presented an official copy of the initiative to the British Council in London.

During the Iraq-U.K. Higher Education Dialogue Forum in London, the minister highlighted the extensive opportunities for collaboration between universities in the two countries. He emphasised the potential for joint research projects, academic exchanges, and the development of educational programmes, particularly in medical fields, engineering, capacity building, and staying abreast of global academic advancements.

Al-Aboudi also called for establishing a cooperation framework based on principles of mutual respect, equality, and sustainability. Additionally, he suggested the formation of a bilateral working group comprising representatives from academic and governmental sectors of both countries to facilitate knowledge exchange and ensure the successful implementation of collaborative initiatives.

Bulletin: Palestine Seeks Solutions for Gaza Students in Egypt; Yemen Announces 12 Scholarships at AUC
The Iraqi Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Naeem Al-Aboudi, delivering a speech at the Iraqi-British Universities Forum (the Ministry).

Yemen Announces 12 Graduate Scholarships at American U. in Cairo

Yemen’s Ministry of Higher Education, in partnership with the Hadhramout Foundation, has unveiled the Nahda (Renaissance) Project, aimed at training outstanding national talents for master’s and doctoral programmes in various fields at the American University in Cairo.

In a statement, the ministry said the Nahda Project would provide six master’s scholarships and six doctoral scholarships. The scholarships cover tuition fees and provide a monthly stipend. The application deadline is Wednesday, 26 June. Interested students should review the registration guidelines and the scholarship’s terms and conditions. For further details, please click here.

From Al-Fanar Media

How Can Arab Academics Support the Palestinian Cause? Professors Offer Ideas

As the Israeli war on Gaza rages, an episode of Al-Fanar Media’s series of panel discussions gathered Arab academics to discuss the role university professors can play in supporting the Palestinian cause. The discussion took place on December 11. The participants’ suggestions included networking with other academics around the world who support the Palestinian cause, and teaching younger generations to take up the issue on knowledge-based grounds, using logical argumentation rather than an aggressive “us/them” posture. Read more in this article.

Tips and Resources: 

Extracurricular Activities Boost Students’ Skills, at University and Beyond

As Arab university students get busy with their academic lives, they should keep in mind that participating in extracurricular activities can boost their soft skills, help them develop latent talents, and benefit their lives at school and after graduation. Explore more in this article.

Art and Culture: 

As War Rages in Sudan, Scholar Looks at How Ancient Sudanese Resolved Conflicts

As fighting continues in Sudan’s year-old civil war, Othman Al-Sharif, director of the Beja Cultural Studies Centre at the country’s Red Sea University, looks to the ancient Beja tribes and how they resolved conflicts. In an interview with Al-Fanar Media, Al-Sharif said the centre has thousands of ancient documents relating to conflict resolution between Beja tribes so they could continue living peacefully together. The centre’s goal is to safeguard the Beja community’s unique culture and heritage. This means, among other things, promoting the teaching of the Beja language. Read more in this article. 


Navigating the Impact of Social Media and Strategies for Healthy Digital Habits

Although mitigating the adverse effects of social media requires a collaborative effort between government bodies, parents, users, researchers, and technology companies, there are a few strategies that can be adopted to engage with social media in a safer and healthier way. Cakil Agnew, an associate professor of psychology at Heriot-Watt University, Dubai, suggests some strategies that students, parents and teachers can adopt to promote engaging with social media in a safer and healthier way. Read more in this article


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