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Al-Fanar Media Podcast: ‘Indispensable Sites for University Students’

“Indispensable Sites for University Students”, a new episode of Al-Fanar Media Podcast, focuses on the challenges and hopes of new university students, and suggests some online resources to help them make the most of a new educational experience.

You can listen to the new episode and previous episodes in the series through Al-Fanar Media’s accounts on SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube.

The new episode, presented by Mohammad El-Hawary, Al-Fanar Media’s editor-in-chief, guides new university students to some useful websites that offer tools that will help these young men and women enrich their knowledge and develop their experiences.

These online resources offer diverse services and information on topics like how to set disciplined academic goals early, where to find health advice, how to prepare quick, healthy meals that fit a student’s schedule and budget, and how to master other skills in various aspects of life.

Al-Fanar Media Podcast will post a new episode every Sunday. The podcasts are prepared and produced by the Al-Fanar Media team and its network of correspondents across the Arab world. Episodes in the series will tackle various issues of higher education institutions, scientific research, and the most prominent scholarship opportunities.

This project also aims to monitor the needs of the labour market and provide tips to help students develop effective study habits, prepare appropriately for future jobs, and engage with contemporary issues that affect higher education in the Arab world.

Al-Fanar Media Podcast is our organisation’s third podcast series. Earlier podcasts include “The Anglo-Arab Voice”, produced in cooperation with, and “Student Sowt”, which was prepared and produced by students from several Arab countries with the support of Al-Fanar Media and

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