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Mediterranean Universities Union Is Surveying Students’ Attitudes about Climate Change and Migration 

The Mediterranean Universities Union (UNIMED) is surveying students’ attitudes in Italy, Morocco and Lebanon toward climate change and migration for a scientific paper which will be published in a few months. 

The survey is part of UNIMED’s ‘Students Attitudes in a Changing Mediterranean’ (ASMeC) Project, co-financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. Italy’s University of Urbino Carlo Bo is the project’s scientific coordinator, and Morocco’s Abdelmalek Essaâdi University. Lebanon’s Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, the Erasmus Student Network Italia, and the Erasmus Morocco Network are also taking part. 

The project’s three research axes are: the knowledge and awareness of students in Italy, Morocco and Lebanon about climate change, their willingness to contribute individually to climate change adaptation and mitigation actions, and their knowledge and awareness of the issue of migration in response to climate change.  

The analysis of the survey responses received, along with a review of the existing literature and secondary research by the partner institutions, will be put together in a scientific paper to be published in the coming months. 

The survey questionnaire is available in English, French, and Italian. Students have until August 21 to take part.

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