Bulletin: Scholarships for Yemeni Students in Saudi Arabia, New Directions at Abu Dhabi School of Management

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Mohammed El-Hawary
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Saudi Arabia Allocates 1,500 University Seats for Yemeni Students

The Ministry of Higher Education of Yemen’s internationally recognised government, based in Aden, has announced that Saudi universities have allocated 1,500 academic scholarships for Yemeni students in the next academic year.

In a Facebook statement, the ministry explained that the seats would be awarded through a competitive process based on students’ grades, Saudi admission regulations, and each university’s capacity of receiving students. Registration and selection of candidates will be conducted by the Saudi side through the “Study in Saudi Arabia” platform, via this link.

Abu Dhabi School of Management Expands Programmes

The Abu Dhabi School of Management, owned by the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ADCCI), is adopting a new strategic direction designed to make it a leading centre of excellence for entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation, and sustainability in the region. 

According to a statement received by Al-Fanar Media, Tayeb Kamali, chairman of the school’s Board of Trustees, is leading the effort. The new direction involves nurturing a culture of entrepreneurship and building up the school’s role in providing the business community with qualified staff and employees, disseminating knowledge, developing capabilities, and enhancing capabilities and skills. 

To build a knowledge-based economy in line with the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, Kamali said that “the school has expanded its Master of Science in Business Analytics programme to include two new concentrations: artificial intelligence management and big data management.”

Bulletin: Scholarships for Yemeni Students in Saudi Arabia, New Directions at Abu Dhabi School of Management
Tayeb Kamali, chairman of the Abu Dhabi School of Management’s Board of Trustees

Egypt Hosts International Conference on Applied Foreign Languages Research 

Over 40 researchers from around the world attended the Third International Conference of the Faculty of Applied Languages of the French University in Egypt (UFE).

The conference, titled “Research Horizons in the Field of Applied Foreign languages (LEA): Business, International Trade, and Specialised Translation,” was held June 6 to 8 at the university’s headquarters in El Shorouk, a satellite city near Cairo. Sponsored by Egypt’s Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the event was organised the Faculty of Applied Languages at UFE, in cooperation with the National and International Association of Applied Foreign Languages.

Participants discussed the impact of research on applied foreign language academic programmes and discussed related problems, such as how to enrich research in areas like the relationship of applied foreign languages to the labour market and international organisations, and the development of scientific research in crises, linguistics, and artificial intelligence to serve the purposes of education.

Bulletin: Scholarships for Yemeni Students in Saudi Arabia, New Directions at Abu Dhabi School of Management
A session of the Third International Conference on Applied Languages at the French University in Egypt (Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education).

Lebanese University Gives Advice on How to Complete a Graduation Project 

Professor Ahmad Rifai Sarraj, director of the Faculty of Public Health (Branch 1) at the Lebanese University, gave a lecture for undergraduate students on how to successfully complete a graduation project and the scientific foundations required.

According to a statement, the lecture included explanations of how to choose a topic for the project and formulate it appropriately, analyse data and draw conclusions. He also offered advice to the students to help them complete their projects in a distinguished scientific manner.

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King Abdulaziz University Launches a Research Centers Forum 

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdulaziz University launched a forum for research centers this week under the title “Developing Performance and Facing Challenges for Sustainable Partnerships.”

Amin bin Youssef Noman, the university’s vice president for graduate studies and scientific research, told the Saudi Press Agency that the forum aims to achieve the vision of the university’s strategic plan for research, which seeks to improve research quality and promote scientific integrity.

The forum, held at the King Faisal Convention Center, also witnessed the inauguration of the university’s new Department of Research Centers’ Affairs

Omani Program to Promote Innovation

In a move aimed at promoting the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, Oman’s Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research signed a joint cooperation program with the sultanate’s Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority.

The program aims to promote the culture of innovation, raising awareness of the entrepreneurial system and the importance of the small and medium enterprises sector and startups in Oman, especially projects that are based on innovation, artificial intelligence and advanced technologies. To find out more, click here.


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New Way of Treating Chemical Poisoning

Scientific research is inseparable from human concerns in general. This is highlighted in an article about the promise of a new tablet form of a drug to treat poisoning with chemicals commonly found in agricultural pesticides. The new format, developed by a scientist at the University of Sharjah, holds promise as an alternative, patient-friendly and more affordable way of treating organophosphate poisoning. Find out more in this story

How Should Universities Respond to the Challenges of ChatGPT?

As artificial intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT increasingly become accessible to all, universities need to ensure transforming learning outcomes and skills in a way that complements developments in AI and machine learning, rather than trying to play an endless game of catch-up that leaves students behind.

Logan Cochrane, an associate professor in the College of Public Policy at Qatar’s Hamad Bin Khalifa University, makes this argument in a commentary for Al-Fanar Media that discusses how new technologies are affecting higher education and how universities can respond. Read more here

Tips to Get the Most Out of Studying at Home

As the end-of-year exams in Arab universities approach, students are busy now studying at home now after a year of studying on campus.

To help students reap the greatest possible benefit from their academic year, Al-Fanar Media presents some tips from university and career professionals to help all students, regardless of their majors, maximise their study outcome.

In this report, we summarise educators’ advice about the most important steps that every student must take in order to get the greatest benefit possible.


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