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Spotlight: Al-Fanar Media’s Distinguished New Service for Arab Higher-Education Institutions

Al-Fanar Media is launching “Spotlight”, a distinctive new service for higher-education institutions in the Arab world, aimed at promoting their academic and educational services and highlighting their capabilities and competitive advantages.

The Spotlight service provides partner organisations with marketing and promotional solutions, specially designed based on a study of the target audience, employing professional media standards and a variety of search engine-friendly content.

The Spotlight service achieves various goals for its audience of students, academics, and higher-education institutions in the Arab world by directly linking institutions with students and academics, to meet their actual needs.

Nadia El-Gowely, executive director of Al-Fanar Media, said: “The new service provides our partner universities with flexible solutions that take into account their marketing needs and enhance their competitive capabilities to attract new students and academics of high caliber to join them.”

“The service also allows pre-university students to obtain the necessary information about universities and the specialisations they offer,” she added, “so that they can enroll in colleges that meet their academic aspirations.”

By subscribing to the new service, the partner institutions will have a special list on Al-Fanar Media’s website, which includes all available information about them, their educational services, and all their media content on the website. This will enable students and academics to get all the information in one place, and in a variety of forms.

The Spotlight service is the latest addition to Al-Fanar Media’s services, which include a daily higher-education news bulletin in Arabic, a scholarship database, a database of internationally accredited universities in the Arab region, and special newsletters on the conditions of higher education in conflict and crisis areas. This grants us flexibility in providing packages of integrated services, putting higher-education institutions in a better and competitive position, in a professional way.

For further details about the new service and subscription, contact us via e-mail at: [email protected]

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