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Interview with Razan Al-Sous, Founder of Yorkshire Dama Cheese

In this episode of The Anglo-Arab Voice, Nour Ghanem interviews Razan Al-Sous, founder of Yorkshire Dama Cheese.

Razan came with her family from Syria to the United Kingdom in 2012. Despite her degree in pharmacy, she could not find a job in the U.K., and she was worried about her children’s future. However, despite many obstacles, Razan did not give up and decided to start manufacturing halloumi, a popular Syrian cheese, using British milk. She named her business Yorkshire Dama Cheese.

Presenter: Nour Ghanem

Voiceover by Mo Ayoub

Produced by Camilla Byk and Petra Ayar Jahchan Al-Fanar Media.

The publication of this podcast series was supported by a grant from the NewsSpectrum Fellowship programme.

The Anglo-Arab Voice podcast will bring you three new episodes every week throughout March 2022.

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