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Al-Fanar Media Launches Mishwar Taleb Competition’s Second and Final Phase

Today starts the second and final phase of the Mishwar Taleb competition, launched by Al-Fanar Media, in conjunction with the re-launch of the database of scholarships offered to Arab students from various Arab universities and international institutions.

Eighteen students from various Arab universities and new graduates submitted written and illustrated content summarizing their educational experience to participate in the #Mishwar_Taleb competition. All entries will be shared on Al-Fanar Media’s Facebook page. Cash prizes will be awarded to three entries that get the highest shares and engagement from the page’s followers.

“Through this competition, Al-Fanar Media aims to motivate students and recent graduates to disseminate experiences related to university studies among students, in order to help them understand the challenges they may face and the opportunities they can benefit from during their educational journey,” said Nasser Zawk, director of digital communications at Al-Fanar Media, “It can also give them the opportunity to share their stories and perspectives about higher education and its challenges.”

The competition started on June 22 and the final results will be announced on September 20. The participants address various topics such as the difficulty of studying under war and economic crises, the need to work while studying to secure tuition fees, the importance of obtaining scholarships and the consequent difficulties of being away from parents, especially for girls, as well as the learning experience after catching the coronavirus.

The first winner will receive a cash prize of $500, while the second and third place winners will receive $100 each. The content of the first five winners will also be published on the Al-Fanar Media website, and within the publication’s mailing newsletters and social media.

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