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“Mishwar Taleb”: A Contest for Arab University Students

Welcome to the Mishwar Taleb contest.

To celebrate the re-launch of the new edition of our scholarship resource for Arab students, Al-Fanar Media is organizing a content creation contest for Arab students called “Mishwar Taleb”. You can find the contest’s details below. If you are a current university student or have recently graduated from university, you are invited to participate.

The contest opens on June 22 and the last day for receiving stories is September  5, 2021.

How to enter the contest
Students who wish to participate should:

  • Comment “Mishwar” on the contest launching post on Facebook.
  • Answer the questions below to create an article, story, video, animation, comic book, or any other digital content around your university experience.
  • You will have until September  5, 2021 days to submit your work to our Facebook inbox or to [email protected] and only students who submit finished material will be considered in the final pool of participants.
  • Your story will be published on our social media channels.
  • The top five pieces of content with the most reach and engagement (likes, shares, comments) will win.
  • The contest results will be announced on 20 September 2021.

The first prize winner will receive a  $500 cash prize, the second and third prize winners will each receive a $100 prize.

The top five winners will have their content published on Al-Fanar Media’s homepage, newsletters, and permanently featured on the Scholarships Resource and “Students” pages. All highly commended and outstanding stories will also be published on the website.

Please answer the questions below and use the answers to create unique content about your university journey. The content can be in the form of an article, a story, a comic book, a video, or a mixture of any media. Submit your content to our Facebook inbox. The last day to submit your content is July 5, 2021 11:59 PM Cairo time.

Contestants are to observe the following rules: 

  • Stories presented should be authentic and originally written by you.
  • Stories presented must not include profanity, misinformation, stereotypes, or insensitivity towards race, gender, and religion.
  • The limits for each category:

Article: 800-1500 words maximum

Video/animation/other multimedia: 1 to 2 mins maximum

Comic strip: 12 pages maximum.

ِAnswer the following questions and use the answers to develop your story:

1- Knowing what you know now, if you could write a letter to yourself that would travel back in time so that you would receive it when you were applying for a scholarship/Studying in the university, what advice(s) would you give your younger self? Why? Elaborate.

2- What were the most difficult challenges that you faced during your studying years?

3- Beyond academics, what did you take away from your university years (on the personal and social levels). What are some of the essential soft skills and qualities that you gained during this experience? What is something you experienced during your studying period that you think you will remember for the rest of your life? 

4- In case you studied abroad.

How much did the culture/language/social barrier affect you? How did you manage?

 How did you cope with living away from friends and family, home, and social life?

5- In case you received a scholarship. 

What was the most challenging thing about getting a scholarship, and how did you overcome it? 

Give us four adjectives to describe qualities that a student should have to successfully apply for a scholarship (examples: Courageous, Patient, perseverant…) and explain why you chose each?

From all of us at Al-Fanar Media we wish you the best of luck and success in your educational and professional journey.


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