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Updated: August 2021

A growing number of universities and programs across the Arab world are pursuing and receiving accreditation by external agencies, many of which are based outside the region. The goal of the universities seeking accreditation is to raise educational quality, enhance the value of the degrees they offer, and claim prestige. (See a related article, “A Growing Number of Arab Universities Seek International Accreditation.“)

To help readers determine which programs and institutions in the 22 countries of the Arab world and Turkey have international accreditation, and to help readers distinguish between legitimate quality-control agencies and those that are not, Al-Fanar Media has compiled a list of more than 750 higher learning institutions and programs across the region that are accredited by recognized agencies outside their home countries. This list was last fully updated in August 2021. We believe that it is comprehensive, although we always welcome input regarding additions and corrections.

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Use the search fields below to find universities and programs that have valid international accreditation. You can choose to view all accredited universities, all accredited programs, or accredited programs in specific fields, in a specific country.

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