Resources From A Workshop on Helping Syrian Refugees

/ 11 Dec 2018

Resources From A Workshop on Helping Syrian Refugees


Lifting Up Syrian Youth

reportImproving Regional Access to Higher Education
Report on an Istanbul Workshop
(The second in a series)
March 1 and 2, 2016
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Workshop Sponsors

British Council SparkAl Fanar
With additional support from CARA.

At a workshop co-sponsored by Al-Fanar Media, the British Council, and SPARK, with support from CARA, more than 100 participants gathered in Istanbul March 1 – 2, 2016, to learn, network, and develop partnerships and programs to provide higher education to Syrian refugees.

Sessions included “Emerging and Existing Scholarship Programs” (see related Al-Fanar Media story); “Building More Productive Partnerships;” “Can Online and Blended Learning Rise to the Challenge of the Refugee Crisis?” and “What Should Be the Role of Syrian Academics in Educating Syrian Youth?” among others.

Participants included large and small nonprofit organizations, government officials, donors, and initiatives large and small that share one common goal: to help as many Syrian youth as possible access opportunities for higher education. This workshop built on the work started at a similar meeting in October 2015. On this page we are making available resources from the workshop:  an extensive report, photographs, Powerpoints and links to additional information.

Photo Credit: Batu Tezyüksel

Workshop Presentations

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