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Video: Reporters Gather to Study Education Journalism

Participants in a workshop about education journalism discuss its importance. The workshop was supported by the U.N. Democracy Fund.

A transcript of the participants’ remarks is below the video.

David Wheeler: We definitely always want to clear time for you, the writers and reporters, to make sure we’re helping you get to success.

Al-Fanar Media provides balanced, accurate and independent coverage of all aspects of academic life in the Arab world.

Souhaib/Lebanon: I think the principal skill one can gain from this workshop is not only how to write and which direction to take in an article, but how to find the right sources to deliver a successful, education-oriented story.

Eman/Egypt: I think that this workshop has opened my mind to a lot of possibilities because when I first thought about education journalism, I thought it would be boring little stories. But then you find a broad spectrum of issues that you can cover.

Souhaib: Saba, what do you think of the workshop? Go on, shoot a selfie on yourself!

Ahmed/Sudan: This workshop or training session has many benefits for its participants; the first of which is that it brings participants together as they all get trained in covering very important issues concerning education.

The publication, bilingual in English and Arabic, serves readers who work in Arab higher education and those who have a stake in it, as well as creating a platform for dialogue for those within and without the Arab region.

Gilgamesh/Iraq: When I heard of education journalism, at first I thought “Oh, what am I going to write about!” It’s actually important. I always say that education is the resurrection of nations.

Al-Fanar Media, established in 2013, focuses on education journalism.

David Wheeler, Al-Fanar Media Editor, London: Someone wrote me recently and said that education is the way to get out of your troubles when you don’t have anything else. And I think that education will be the way the Arab world gets out of its troubles and live up to its enormous promise.

Rasha Faek, Deputy Managing Editor, Al-Fanar Media, Amman: Specialized journalism doesn’t have a good space and education journalism, unfortunately, is always listed under local news. We believe in shedding light on education issues because education today is a problem in the Arab world but we hope that education becomes the solution to the Arab world’s issues.

The story is just beginning.

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