Refugee Education

As refugees continue to pour across borders, many displaced young people find themselves struggling to continue their education. In this section of our publication, we focus on this important issue.

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Faisal Darem/11 Apr 2017

As the country’s conflict drags on, university buildings have been bombed, professors have lost their salaries and university students find their lectures empty.

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Yemeni students hold the flag of their country as they protest the war. (Arabic Fars News)

Yemeni Youth Speak: “We Are Stranded”

Sabah Hamamou/10 Apr 2017

Young people from Yemen, even those studying overseas, are caught in the crossfire of the country’s civil war and are either blocked from access to education or at great risk of losing it.

Young students during an English class at a MAPS school in the Beqaa' valley (Photo credit Ursula Oaks)

In Rural Lebanon, Lessons for Children, and Humanity

David Wheeler/16 Mar 2017

Two educational programs in the countryside north of Beirut for Syrian children show how ingenuity can create educational access for children.