Refugee Education

As refugees continue to pour across borders, many displaced young people find themselves struggling to continue their education. In this section of our publication, we focus on this important issue.

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David Wheeler/16 Mar 2017

Two educational programs in the countryside north of Beirut for Syrian children show how ingenuity can create educational access for children.

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Construction and agriculture of two of the few sectors in which Syrians can find work in Jordan.

Little Hope of Jobs for Syrians in Lebanon and Jordan

Rasha Faek/25 Feb 2017

With their ability to work severely restricted by their two closest Arab neighbors, many Syrian youth don’t see the point in education.

Many Syrians work illegally in Turkey and face very different challenges. Vadim Ghirda/AP

Turkey Sends Mixed Signals to Syrian Job Seekers

Rasha Faek/25 Feb 2017

Although it has accepted more Syrian refugees than any other country, Turkey’s labor market is closed to many of them.