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Maha Bali

The Power of Social Media for the Semi-Privileged

Maha Bali / 19 Apr 2014 / Opinion

A Cairo academic reflects on how online tools keep her connected globally with her peers.

In the Developing World, Connectivity is Essential for Digital Learning

Maha Bali / 14 Jun 2016 / Opinion

Connectivity, not content, is the crucial feature that gives digital learning its power, the author argues.

Traveling With The Respect You Deserve

Maha Bali / 07 Apr 2017 / Opinion

An Egyptian academic reflects on how people react to her when she travels and on the latest indignity, the U.K. and U.S. laptop ban.

Will the Latest Generation of Online Courses Help the Arab World?

Maha Bali / 19 Jul 2013 / Opinion

Massive open online courses could wind up only serving those who are already privileged, says one academic who studies pedagogy.

Arab Universities and MOOCs: Cautious Cooperation

Sabah Hamamou / 07 Mar 2017 / News

While Arab youth are eager to use the Arab massive open online courses’ platforms, Arab academic institutions seem reluctant to cooperate with such organizations

Types of Articles About Education: First -Person Articles and Commentary

/ 14 Nov 2014 / Workshop One

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Critical Citizenship for Critical Times

Maha Bali / 19 Aug 2013 / Opinion

The Egyptian political crisis spurred a scholar to reflect on how universities could go beyond teaching critical thinking and toward promoting critical citizenship.

Amplifying the Voices of Global-South Scholars

Maha Bali / 07 Oct 2016 / Opinion

The writer discusses what are the possible ways to strengthen the voices of scholars from the Global South.

Take Advantage of Open-Access Publishing

Maha Bali / 25 Mar 2014 / Opinion

Researchers can broaden the benefits of research with new forms of online publication, the author says.

A Map for the Maze of Open-Access Publishing

Maha Bali / 25 Nov 2013 / Opinion

Some misconceptions about open-access publishing may be unnecessarily scaring off some authors.