Ibtissem Jamel

Ibtissem Jamel

Ibtissem Jamel is a Tunisian journalist with 12 years experience. She works at Alchourouk newspaper. She has an MA in media and communication Sciences and is working on her PHD now.

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مقالات وقصص أخرى

Academic Books Flourish at Tunisia’s Book Fair

Ibtissem Jamel / 05 Apr 2017 / News

The Tunis International Book Fair welcomed a large crowd—and academic books were among the key attractions.

Troubled Times for African and Arab Students in Tunisia

Ibtissem Jamel / 30 Jan 2017 / News

Tunisian universities attract many international students. The visitors praise the universities, but complain of racism and other obstacles.

An International Conference Through a Tunisian Writer’s Eyes

Ibtissem Jamel / 05 Jun 2016 / Opinion

A Tunisian writer has a fresh perspective on the British Council’s annual Going Global conference, held this year in South Africa.

Strict Tunisian Drug Laws Put Students in Jail

Ibtissem Jamel / 16 Mar 2016 / News

Tunisian law is tough on illegal drugs, leaving many young people in prison when they would rather be on university campuses.

Tunisian Universities Tense After Nation’s Terrorist Attacks

Ibtissem Jamel / 07 Dec 2015 / News

Tunisian students say their studies are hampered by the curfews on campuses that have followed recent attacks.

Without Jobs, Dignity Eludes Many Tunisian Youth

Ibtissem Jamel / 21 Oct 2015 / News

Tunisia is often cited as the only “success story” of the Arab spring. But its universities rarely help Tunisian students find a place in the economy.

A Hidden Barrier to Arab Students’ Education

Ibtissem Jamel, Rim Hayat Chaif, Tarek Abd El-Galil, Tasneem Mohamed / 15 Sep 2015 / News

The difficulties many Arab students face getting to their universities makes it hard for many to complete their education.

In Tunisia, the Cost of Fighting Terrorism Is Hurting Higher Education

Ibtissem Jamel / 26 Jun 2015 / News

A weak economy and the expense of combatting terrorism are taking away the money that many wish would go to Tunisian universities.

Tunisian and Jordanian Women: Common on Campus, Rare in the Workplace

Aya Alayan, Ibtissem Jamel / 05 May 2015 / News

In Tunisia and Jordan, women find it easy to enter university gates, but hard to get past office doors.