Aisha Elgayar

Aisha Elgayar

Aisha is an Egyptian journalist, based in Kuwait. She writes about women, children and education at Al-Qabas, an Arabic daily Kuwaiti electronic newspaper.

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Kuwait Worries Expat Workforce Is Taking Jobs from College Graduates

Aisha Elgayar / 24 Apr 2017 / News

Graduate unemployment rates are rising, but some say the problem isn’t foreign labor.

Cooperation is Key to Strengthening Research, Scholars Say

Aisha Elgayar / 17 Jan 2017 / News

Scientific research in the Arab region faces a lack of funding, but better exchange of information could help.

In Kuwait, a War Against Fake University Degrees

Aisha Elgayar / 29 Mar 2016 / News

The Ministry of Education has summoned the holders of fraudulent degrees to court, opening a debate about how such fakes became so prevalent.

Kuwait Takes a Practical Step Forward in Solar Energy

Aisha Elgayar / 26 Oct 2015 / News

A new project will save the equivalent of 12 million barrels of oil a year, revealing the potential of applied science in the region.

Should Terrorists Be Professors? A Kuwaiti Debate

Aisha Elgayar / 31 Mar 2015 / News

Some professors working at Kuwait University are listed internationally as terrorists but continue to teach, sparking controversy.

Kuwait’s Stateless Residents Struggle for Education

Aisha Elgayar / 24 Nov 2014 / News

A government decision has barred many “Bedoon” children from the Gulf country’s classrooms.