Collaboration is the Future for Arab University Libraries

Wagdy Sawahel / 09 Jan 2017 / Resources

Academic libraries in the Arab world are discovering the benefits of working together in consortia.

Arab Science Needs More Respect

Benjamin Plackett / 22 Sep 2016 / Resources

Arab countries are exporting their best researchers instead of building up the scientific enterprise locally, say the authors of chapter in a UNESCO report.

Arab Social Sciences: Scarce, But Sorely Needed

Ursula Lindsey / 09 Apr 2016 / Resources

A new report reveals a shortage of the social sciences in Arab universities, despite the benefits that they could bring.

Arab Youth Doubt Democracy Will Be Delivered

Benjamin Plackett / 28 Apr 2015 / Resources

Findings from a region-wide survey reveal the hopes and concerns of university-age adults.

Data Show Arab Scientists Making More Impact

Benjamin Plackett / 27 Jul 2014 / Resources

The most commonly used measure of how much impact scientists have shows progress in some Arab countries.

A Student Network to Support Arab Innovation

Rasha Faek / 14 May 2014 / Resources

A student program tries to bridge the gap between academia and industry and encourage innovation.

A Gateway to Arab World Educational Research

Rasha Faek / 07 May 2013 / Resources

An online database documents academic research produced in Arab countries about education.

A Database to Support Higher Education in Morocco

Rasha Faek / 17 Apr 2013 / Resources

Morocco is trying to use a national database to comprehensively track its education and national research system.

Wharton School Reaches Out to the Arab world

Rasha Faek / 20 Feb 2013 / Resources

Knowledge@Wharton, the Wharton School’s free online research and business-analysis journal, presents articles in both Arabic and English that focus on business trends, research, innovation and entrepreneurship relevant to Arabic-speaking countries.